Experience of PYRAMID in Oil & Gas Sector

Cathodic Protection SCADA on Wireless Network.

GSM Based Remote Monitoring of Transformer Rectifier Parameters used for Cathodic protection of Oil / Gas pipeline.

Monitoring of PSP, TR Voltage, TR Current and TR status of multiple TR units.

Allen bradley PLC with GSM Modem were installed at each locations.

Data collected on SCADA Software on SMS through GSM network.

The alarms are also transmitted to user defined mobiles.

Customer can call for data on his cell for each site as per requirement.

Cathodic Protection Rectifiers areAC-powered electrical equipment that provide direct current for impressed current cathodic protection systems. Rectifier units are often custom manufactured and equipped with a variety of features, including oil cooling, automatic output adjustment, various types of electrical enclosures, remote monitoring, remote output adjustment, an AC electrical outlet, selectable AC input setting, three phase AC input.


General Features :

Standards : Rectifiers are manufactured in accordance with the following applicable Standards CSA / IEC / NEMA / NACE / NEC.

Supply : AC Input 110V, 1PH, 50/60Hz

AC Input 240V +/- 20%, 1Ph, 50/60Hz

AC Input 415 V +/- 20% , 3ph, 3 or 4 wire, 50/60Hz AC

DC Input 20 to 70V operated with or W/O Galvanic Isolation (Battery or Solar operated) Combination AC & DC Supply.

  • Enclosure

    Air cooled (AN)

    Oil Cooled (ONAN)

    Flameproof (Air or Oil cooled) as per ATEX standards.

    Degree of Protection up to IP65

    Wall Mounted, Base Mounted & 19” modular type.

    Paint : Powder coated/ Baked Epoxy/ Hot Zinc spray

    Material : CRCA/SS316L/Galvanised steel

    Ambient Temp. : -10⁰C To +55⁰C

    Humidity : Upto 95%

    Rating : As per Client specification.

  • Control Method

    1) Manual (24/36/63 Taps)

    Primary Tap/Switch selection

    Secondary Tap/Switch selection

    Auto Transformer Control (Variac)

    2) CVCC(Semi Auto Control)

    Primary/Secondary semiconductor base (300% safety factor)

    3) Auto Potential Control (Reference)

    Upto 5 Reference Auto Selection as well as Individual selection.

  • Control Features

    1) Reference Regulation +/- 15mV

    2) Voltage Regulation +/- 200mV

    3) Current Regulation +/- 2%

    4) Fast Acting Electronic control & Short Circuit Protection

    5) Battery Deep Discharge protection

    6) MCB & Fuse protection.

  • Additional Facility

    1) GSM with Built in Data logger

    2) GPRS Control & Monitoring (Remote IP)

    3) GPS Interrupter Timer

    4) SCADA monitoring & Control (PLC).


The parameter values can be remotely monitored using the GSM based remote monitoring system consisting of multi channel data logger with built in GSM Mobile phone interface. The data can be monitored using SMS over standard GSM mobile phone.

The CP TR units can be monitored and controlled through PLC using serial communication. The PLC would be of a reputed make with international standards.

All the critical parameters can be monitored as well as controlled remotely through the PLC.

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